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Donna and Ryan, Engaged! | Ann Arbor Engagement Photography

You know, if I could pick one favorite method of transport, I would say train. You can do so much on the train – stretch out your feet, listen to music, have your laptop out and be able to talk on your phone… there is no turbulence… and I just like seeing the scenery pass me by, rumbling on… Anyway, so I traveled by train to Ann Arbor recently to photograph Donna and Ryan’s engagement session.

They are having a traditional Indian wedding this summer in Boston because Donna’s family is based in Massachusetts, but since they met here in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan medical school campus (Anoop is a fellow in gastroenterology, and Donna is a resident in ophthalmology), we thought it would be great to coordinate our schedules and get some photos done here. If you guys know anything about people in medicine, you know that their schedules are very very tight as they spend long hours in hospitals doing awesome good, so I was super-delighted that our schedules worked out! Spring was in full bloom in Ann Arbor with lots of pinks everywhere, matching Donna’s dress!

This is the restaurant where they had their first date. We called ahead to make sure we could photograph there. I really like Donna’s super unique engagement ring – it’s in the shape of a flower!

Bright colors really photograph well, especially around architecture. I love this shade of fuschia very much! Also, the dress is not from India (Donna found it at Kohl’s!), but might as well have been! On Donna’s list of random objects she wants to take engagement photos with: bike rack, check!