Shang Chen Photo

1 Year Down, 1 To Go

Technically, I still have finals, but here’s a personal recap of my first year at Chicago Booth! I’ve learned so much, grown so much, personally, professionally, spiritually… I thought I’d share some of my personal photos from this past year.

First day of school, bright eyed and bushy tailed

The backbone of business school is truly, being social. One of our first ones was the semi-formal at Navy Pier’s Crystal Gardens

Business school students love costume parties. This is a party for our annual “Golden Gargoyles” party – where first years make videos. I was Aeon Flux…

With Ohkyung at a friend’s wedding. Do you like my shoes? Got them at Zappos!

While large gatherings are nice, I prefer smaller gatherings or potlucks where I can talk and be goofy with my friends.. like dancing with my friend Sheryl.

Free day at the aquarium with Stephanie! This was an exhibit about how you can go camping and see fish in the swamps or something… after this photo got taken, the girl in the pink jacket proceeded to try to eat the plastic omelette as well.